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Our leading products is Alpha arbutin , Horny goat extract,Blueberry extract, Mastic gum extract, Red ginseng extract,Cistanche tubulosa extract, Fucoxanthine, Podophyllotoxin, Taxol, Curcumin, Rutin, Ginkgol biloba extract, Acai berry juice powder, Grape seed oil ,Chocolate flavour pea protein, Bromelain , FD Royal jelly powder, DMAA, Chondroitin sulfate



Xi'an Asclepius Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.

ASCLEPIUS is Famous manufacturer of plant extract powder, We have our own healthy food research institution,GMP factory, 600,000 acres grape Plantatiion, 1,000,000 acres kivifruit plantation and 4,000,000 acres organic green tea plantations passed by EU and USA.
Now we served more than 200 kinds products serveds more than 100 nations customers used in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Welcome your inquiry, welcome your cooperiation.

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In order to strengthen the management of plant extracts industry, rectify the market order