Pea Protein Powder,chocolate Pea Protein Powder Supplier Wholesale

Pea Protein Powder,chocolate Pea Protein Powder Supplier Wholesale

Product Introduction Pea Protein Isolate is made from high quality non-GMO peas, by the processes of isolation, homogenization, flash evaporation, sterilization and spray drying. With 18 kinds of Amino Acids. High Lysine, no allergen, no cholesterol, high digestibility. Product Specification...


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Basic Information 

Product   Name

Organic   Pea Protein Isolate


Light   yellow brown powder


80% min

Crude fiber

0.5% max


(100-mesh   passing rate) 99%


Pea   protein is certainly one of the lesser recognized protein supplements on the   market, but not because

it   deserves to be. What it lacks in name recognition, it makes up for in quality   ingredients. Pea protein powder is made from the legume family of   split-yellow peas. This particular type of pea has be well

known   and well used throughout history for its protein packed contents. While it   may have had humble origins, pea protein has recently been seized upon by   nutritional manufacturing companies as a quality alternative to many of the   generic protein powder blends. It is a great alternative to supplement a   protein mix, replace a meal, or act as a vegan all natural healthful   supplement.


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Nutritional Ingredient

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Primary benefits

1100%   Gluten Free Hypoallergenic

2Great   Vegan Alternative

3100% Cholesterol Free

4100% Plant Protein

5100% Lactose Free

6Relative Low Cost (in comparison to other   protein powders)

7Environmentally Friendly

8HIGHLY Soluble (easy digestion)

9Great Source of Amino Acids

10Improves Kidney Function



1、Pea protein is appropriate for use   in a broad range of foods  and beverages where protein

supplementation   isrequired.

2Pea protein is free of gluten,   lactose,cholesteroland anti-nutritional factors.

3Suitable for the crowd: 

Pea protein is ideal for those who are looking for vegetarian protein and may not want dairy derived 


Packaging   Detail



Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside or as your requirements


Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong   light and heat.

Shelf Life

24 months when properly stored.

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