CAS 14113-05-4/10-hydroxydec-2-enoic Acid

CAS 14113-05-4/10-hydroxydec-2-enoic Acid

Product name: 10-hydroxy-2-propionic acid
Content (%) : >98%
Appearance: White or yellowish crystal powder, white powder
CAS No. :14113-05-4
Molecular formula: C11H22O3
Molecular weight: 202.2906
Density (g/l) : 1.038g/c3
Melting point: 63-64 ℃, 63.5 ℃


Product Information

Fresh royal jelly is a bee on the head of nutrition gland and hubei gland secretion of milk, used for feeding larvae queen of nutrients, the color for the milky white or light yellow, slightly sticky has burnish feeling, has the acidity, spicy, because of the active material is very sensitive to light, heat, oxygen and other external factors, should be kept below 18 ℃ frozen in nontoxic plastic bottles. Fresh royal jelly contains a variety of enzymes, peptides, oligosaccharides, 9 kinds of trace elements and 23 species of 12 kinds of vitamins, amino acids, 26 kinds of organic acids and rejuvenation, activate the material aging cells and other hundreds of active ingredients, the variety qi, large quantity, high medicinal value, is any supplements can not be compared to a natural senior nutrition tonic. Royal jelly acid is a special ingredient in royal jelly, the chemical name is 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid,(referred to as 10-hda), for the white crystal.


Royal jelly acid has anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-radiation, lipid-lowering, immune and other functions, so many countries regard royal jelly acid as the main quality indicators of royal jelly.


As it has anti-cancer, anti-tumor activity, but also as chemotherapy and radiotherapy adjuvant drugs, can improve the body's cellular immune function and humoral immune function, so as anti-cancer new drugs, especially to prevent cancer, the market is broad. And royal jelly acid also has a good antibacterial and bactericidal effect on many bacteria and fungi, so it can be developed into new antibacterial and antivirals. In addition, royal jelly acid or food, cosmetics additives, widely used in fermented food and fermented drinks, to increase nutrition and health functions, or synthetic spices, pharmaceutical intermediates.

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