Copper Peptide AHK-Cu For Skin Care

Copper Peptide AHK-Cu For Skin Care

Product name: Copper Peptide AHK-Cu
CAS No: 49557-75-7
Molecular Formula: C28H46N12O8Cu
Molecular Weight: 742.29
Appearance: Blue powder




Copper Peptide Powder is needed to maintain bodily functions of trace elements (2 mg daily demand), many functions and complex role in cells is an element of various enzymes needed. 

On the role of the skin tissue, antioxidant, GHK-cu promote collagen help the wound healing function. Scientists found that wrinkle effect of copper molecules, mainly by amino acid complex (peptide peptide) of the carrier, so that divalent copper ion component has a biochemical effect into cells play a physiological function. Copper bonding amino acid GHK-CU, a scientist discovered in the serum of three amino acids and consists of a copperion complex.

This blue copper peptides can effectively promote collagen (Collagen) and elasticity (Elastin) manufacture proteins, blood vessel growth and increased antioxidant capacity, and stimulate glucose polyamine (GAGs) produced, self-help repair skin reply innate ability.


1. Stimulate collagen and elastin formation, firming the skin and reduce fine lines.

2. Restore skin repair capacity, increase skin cell adhesion between quality produce, reduce skin damage.

3. Polyamines stimulated glucose formation, increased skin thickness, reducing loose skin tight skin.

4. Promote angiogenesis, increase skin oxygen supply.

5. Auxiliary antioxidant enzymes SOD, has a strong anti-free radical and beneficial functions.



 1. GHK-Cu can accelerate wound repair;

 2. GHK-Cu can increase skin re-epithelialization;

 3. GHK-Cu can reverse aging effects on skin;

 4. GHK-Cu can thicken skin, improve elasticity, and increase subcutaneous fat layer;

 5. GHK-Cu can improve hair transplant success ,prevent hair loss;

 6. GHK-Cu analogs with fatty residue analogs increase hair follicle size, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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