Genipin Powder/Jasminoides Ellis Extract

Genipin Powder/Jasminoides Ellis Extract

Product name: Genipin Powder
Purity: 98%
CAS No: 6902-77-8
Appearance: off white powder


Details of Genipin 


Genipin is a product of geniposide hydrolysis by β-glucosidase (Fig. 1 is the structural formula of geniposide and genipin). It is an excellent natural biocrosslinker and can be combined with protein. Cross-linking of collagen, gelatin and chitosan to produce biomaterials (Fig. 2 cross-linking mechanism of genipin and chitin molecules), such as artificial bones and wound dressing materials, which are much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and other common chemistry. Crosslinker. It can also be used to treat liver disease, blood pressure, laxatives, etc. Research at a medical center in Israel has shown that genipin can alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Genipin can also be used as a fingerprint collection reagent and a cross-linking agent for preparing immobilized enzymes.

2)Certificate of Analysis

Product name                                                Genipin 98%
FromGardenia jasminoides Ellis geniposideExpiration dateOct.23th.2020
Model numberAsc20181023Manufacture dateOct.23th.2018

Test itemTechnical indicatorTest result
AppearanceWhite powderConfirm
Loss on Drying< 2.0%0.12%
Ashes< 1.0%0.09%
Heavy Metals< 10PPMComplies
Arsenic(As)< 0.5PPMComplies
Lead(Pb)< 0.5PPMComplies
StorageStore in cool and dry place
Packing 10gram/packages,50 gram/package;100gram/package;1000 gram/package


1.It can effectively reduce internal heat

2.It  is helpful to eliminate the worries

3.It is effective to reduce blood pressure,at the same time,Genipin powder able remove toxins.


1.Genipin powder was widely  used in the food and printing industry;

2.Genipin powder can also be used as a biological fingerprint collection reagent;

3.Genipin powder is a natural cross-linking agent.

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