Supply 20nm 99.9% High Purity Nano Hydroxyapatite

Supply 20nm 99.9% High Purity Nano Hydroxyapatite

Supply high quality high purity nano hydroxyapatite


Technical Parameters:

Content (%): 99.9

Average particle size: 20nm

Specific surface area: 50m2/g

Particle morphology: needle shape

Appearance: white powder


The main purpose:


1. After hydroxyapatite is implanted into bone, it can induce differentiation of undifferentiated mesenchymal cells into osteoblasts because of its affinity to bone tissue. The latter directly attaches to the surface of hydroxyapatite.

2. From the chemical composition, hydroxyapatite is composed of calcium and phosphorus. These two components are the most common components of bone tissue, and the calcium salt of bone tissue is composed of crystalline apatite and amorphous phosphoric acid. The stone substitute material is not only in composition, but also structurally consistent with calcium in human bone tissue, so it can be used for artificial joints and substitute bones.

  3. Clinical application range of bioceramic materials Artificial joints, alternative bones, toothpaste, food and other applications


Supply of nano-oxide powder (iron oxide, titanium oxide, copper oxide, zinc oxide, antimony oxide, antimony oxide, rare earth oxide, etc.)


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