Best Price High Purity Plant Extract Papaya Enzyme Powder Papain Enzyme

Best Price High Purity Plant Extract Papaya Enzyme Powder Papain Enzyme

Product Name Papaya Enzyme Specification 4:1~20:1 Classification Health Protection Appearance Brownish Yellow Powder



Basic Information 

Product  Name

Papaya  Enzyme




Health Protection


Brownish  Yellow  Powder


Papain  is to use biological engineering plants from papaya immature fruit extract of  biological products and natural, it is is composed of 212 amino acids,  molecular weight for 21000, belong to contain sulphur (SH) peptide chain  enzymes, has the protease and ester of the enzyme activity, and have a wide  range of specificity, protein, polypeptide of plants and animals, esters,  amides, etc have strong ability of enzyme solution, but also has the ability  of synthesis, the protein hydrolysis content to synthesize protein kind  material, this ability can be used to improve plant and animal protein  nutritional value of nature or function.

Physical Characteristics





Sieve Analysis

NLT 100% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying


Ash Content


Microbiological Assay

Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold








Functions and  applications

1. Pharmaceutical Industry 
The drugs  containing papain have the functions of anti-cancer, anti-tumour, anti-lymphatic  leukemia, anti-lysogenic bacteriums and anti-parasite, anti-tubercle bacillus  and etc. It can diminish inflammation lidan pain helps digestion, treatment  women’s illnesses, glaucoma, osteoproliferation, Gun knife wound healing,  Blood type identification, Mosquito bites and so on. 

2. Food Industry 
By adopting  enzymatic reaction, can make Food macromolecules hydrolysis into small  molecular peptide or amino acids, to effectively transform protein, greatly  improve the food nutrition value, be helpful for the absorption and digestion  of human body. 

3.Beauty and Cosmetics  Industry 
Add papain in to  cosmetic which contains protein, oils and fats, has special functions of  whitening tinder skin, beautify, health care, dispel spot remove dirt,  improve metabolism, improve skin and etc. Can be made to diet tea, skin care  products and etc. 

4. Daily cosmetic  products 
Be used in fancy  soap, soap, detergent, washing powder and etc, remove stains more  efficiently, disinfection, sterilization. 

5. Feed Industry 
Used for feed additives, development protein source. Benefit for absorb,  increase the utilization rate of feed, save cost, Help the animal digestion,  quicken the growth. 

6. Leather Industry 
Can make depilating agent, tanned leather with papain. 
In Textile industry, can be used to treatment wool, Silk refining, can have  functions of soft handfee, comfortable, resistance to contraction and etc. 

7. Cell Culture 
Papain in preparation for the cell cultures (cell culture) the first step, in  be used to separate cells. Hydrolysis processing small tissue mass after 10  minutes, you can connect to the cells of the extracellular matrix interrupt;  Then use protease inhibitors to stop reaction, to prevent further papain  cracking cells themselves; With the Pasteur pipette will organize piece of  features into single cell suspension. 

8. Immunology 
In immunology, papain can be used to will be immune globulin (i.e. antibody)  Fc footage (can crystallization) and Fab footage (the antigen) cut open. 

Packaging Detail

N.W.  25kgs/drum 

Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside or  as your requirements


Please store the product with sealed  condition for it is easy to absorb the moisture.

Shelf Life

24 months to be stored in a cool and dry  place protected



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