Collagen Powder/pure Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen Powder/pure Hydrolyzed Collagen

1.Collagen has good biocompatibility.
2.Collagen has biodegradability and biological activity.,
3.Collagen has a high nourishing effect.


t0134901f35009aacb6        Product Name Collagen
        Specifications 99%
        Shelf Life 24Months
        Sample Free
Type: Auxiliaries and other Medicin Form: Powder
Packaging: Drum Model Number: ASC-401
Brand: Asclepius Grade: Cosmetic Grade
MOQ: 1kg Test Method: HPLC



1.Collagen has pure natural moisturizing,whitening,anti-wrinkle,ecchymosis,etc.

2.Collagen can help eliminate aluminum in the body,reduce the accumulation of aluminum in the body,reduce the harm of aluminum to the human body,and promote the growth of nails and hair to a certain extent.


Collagen is widely used in food,medicine,tissue engineering,cosmetics and other fields.

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