Squalene Oil/ Squalene 1000mg Soft Capsules

Squalene Oil/ Squalene 1000mg Soft Capsules

Product name: squalene
English alias: 2,6,10,15,19,23-hexamethyl-2,6,10,14,18,22- twenty-four carbon; 2,6,10,15,19,23-hexa Base-2,6,10-,14,18,22-tetracosahexaene; squalene; SPINACENE; triacontahexaene;
CAS No.: 111-02-4
Molecular formula: C30H50
Molecular weight: 410.71800


Product Description

Manufacturer Supply Bulk Squalene Oil And Squalene 1000mg Soft Capsules

Squalene is an open chain triterpenoid. It was named squalene because it was originally extracted from large cod liver oil. It was later found to be contained in large fish oil and other fish, and it is now found to be much more widely distributed than expected, with a small amount in fungi and human earwax. Squalene is one of the biosynthesis intermediates of cholesterol and is a biosynthetic precursor for all steroids.

Functions and Applications


1. The anti-oxidation effect of squalene can effectively protect the skin and keep the skin soft and healthy under harsh environment.

2. Pharmacological action of squalene, a squalene extracted from the liver of a large fish inhabiting the deep sea environment, a hydrocarbon composed of six isoprene double bonds, is a non-toxic Marine biological active substance with anti-disease and anti-bacterial effects. Special effects of squalene


3. Squalene can increase blood oxygen content and improve mental disability caused by long-term fatigue, work and study pressure, regular physical exhaustion and lack of oxygen in air-conditioned environment. Special effects of squalene.

4. Squalene also reduces blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood. Special effects of squalene 

5. Squalene can enhance human immunity, prevent colds, prevent hepatitis and cirrhosis, improve asthma, chronic cough and allergic symptoms. Special effects of squalene 

6. Squalene can promote the body's metabolism, accelerate the repair of body tissues, and improve a series of chronic disease symptoms and symptoms of "three high symptoms", kidney disease, heart disease.



1. Can be used as a nutraceutical. Oral treatment of high, low blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, cirrhosis, cancer, constipation, insect teeth; external application for tonsillitis, wheezing, bronchitis, cold, tuberculosis, rhinitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gallbladder, bladder stones , rheumatism, neuralgia and so on.

2. Can be used as a cholesterol biological intermediate.

3. Can be used as a fungicide, an intermediate in the production of drugs, a fragrance, and the like.

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