Factory Price Nano Graphene Powder

Factory Price Nano Graphene Powder

1.Graphene has excellent optical,electrical and mechanical properties 2.It has important application prospects in materials science ,micro-nano processing,energy,biomedicine and drug delivery,and is considered to be a future revolutionary material.


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Product Name: graphene powder                  Brand Name: Asclepius

Form: powder                                                 Purity: 98%

Appearance:Black powder                             Certification:ISO


Packagind Details  1-5kg Aluminium Foiled Bag and Ziplock Bag

                               Packed with Aluminium Foiled Bag with Ziplock Bag

                               5-20kg Carton

                               25kg Paper Drum

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  1. Graphene has very good thermal conductivity.

  2. Graphene has very good optical properties


The industrial application of graphene is accelerating. Based on the existing research results, the first commercial application field may be in the field of mobile devices, aerospace and new energy batteries.

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Graphene can be made into a chemical sensor. Graphene is an ideal material for electrochemical biosensors. The sensor made of graphene has good sensitivity for detecting dopamine and glucose in medicine.

2. Transistor

Graphene can be used to make transistors. Due to the high stability of the graphene structure, the transistor can work stably on a scale close to a single atom.

3. Flexible display

The flexible screen at the Consumer Electronics Show has attracted much attention and has become the trend of future mobile device displays. Flexibility shows that the market is broad in the future, and the prospect of graphene as a base material is also optimistic.

4. New energy battery

New energy batteries are also an important area of graphene's earliest commercial use.

5. hydrogen storage materials

Graphene has the advantages of light weight, high chemical stability and high specific surface area, making it the best candidate for hydrogen storage materials.

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