Factory Price High Quality Glutax Glutathione

Factory Price High Quality Glutax Glutathione

1.Glutathione GSH is a tripeptide that combines glutamic acid ,cysteine and glycine and contains sulfhydr groups.
2.It has antioxidant effects and integrated detoxification.


Product Description


Strengthen the immune system of your body's immune system

Beauty skin care

Anti-aging effect


Product Name glutathione  powder
Specifications 99%
Shelf Life 24Months
Sample Free


  1. Glutathione has a broad-spectrum detoxification effect and can be used in medicines.

  2. More as a base for functional foods.

  3. It is widely used in functional foods such as anti-aging,strengthening immunity and anti-tumor.

  4. It removes wrinkles,increases skin elasticity,shrinks pores,diminishes pigments,and has excellent skin whitening.

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