Hydrolyzed Silk Protein/ Silk Fibroin Powder

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein/ Silk Fibroin Powder

Specification: Items Average particle size Silk powder 40 40 micron Silk powder 10 10 micron Silk powder 5 5 micron Silk powder 2 2 micron Nano –Silk powder 350 nm


Product Introduction
silk fibroin powder-主图2.jpgNatural Raw Materials Hydrolyzed Silk Protein/Cosmetics Grade Silk Fibroin Powder

Silk fibroin is a natural high-molecular fibrin extracted from silk, containing about 70% to 80% of silk, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, of which glycine (gly), alanine (ala) and serine (ser) account for about More than 80% of the composition. Different treatments can be used to obtain different forms such as fibers, solutions, powders, films and gels.


1.It is a functionally prominent nutrient with higher nutritional value; 

2.It can be helps promoting the metabolism of alcohol in human body and protecting liver; 

3.It can also repair and nurse the hair injured besides chemic through penetrating the interior of scathing hair squama;

4.It can be keep and adjust moisture, prevent skin from ultraviolet radiation, restrain splash generation, facilitate anti-aging for skin.


1.Applied in cosmetic industry,silk protein powder is easy to permeate the derma layer of skin and get absorbed, nurturing skin as well.

2.Applied in food industry,silk protein powder is mainly used as the additive.

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