Needle Sponge Extract 97% Purity Sponge Extract Used To Skin Renewal

Needle Sponge Extract 97% Purity Sponge Extract Used To Skin Renewal

Sponge spicule refers to the skeleton of a simple multicellular organism, the sponge, that grows in the ocean or fresh water environment. The main skeleton and support are glass-fibrous siliceous bone needles. There are also calcareous bone needles. Spongilla Spicules extracted from freshwater sponge, it's a very small spicule with needles shape, the pinpoint will thumb into the skin, and stimulate the dermis, help to activate the skin microcirculation, and to reduce skin pores blockings, and also help to speed up the Metabolism of skin generate, accelerated aging cuticle natural flake, the spongilla spicules with high purity of 98% could be used as a single ingredient into most cosmetics form such as cream, lotion, liquid or powder. Compared with sponge powder, our spicules are with White color, much higher purity content and much less risk of skin infection.


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Product Description

Needle Sponge Extract 97% Purity Sponge Extract Used To Skin Renewal


 >150um 99%

 80-150um 97%

 <150um 70%




1.The functions of Needle Sponge Extract 


Needle Sponge Extract is a kind of pure natural sponge organism consisting of bone needle and bone wheel. It contains a variety of plant sterols. Among them, sharp bone needles carry and transmit the active ingredients into the dermis, speeding down the subcutaneous blood circulation and smoothing the lymphatic speed. It can deepen the circulation of the skin and renew collagen regeneration. It is natural and organic. It can remove aging keratin naturally without damaging the skin.


2.The functions of Needle Sponge Extract


It immediately absorbs oil secretion and pustules, and completely solves serious acne and oily skin from the inside out. Accelerates metabolic oils and acne while whitening skin, removing spots and reducing fine lines to firm skin. The bone wheel is porous, has a grinding adsorption effect, the oil absorbs 500%, the water absorbs 600%, adsorbs other body surface magazines, bacteria and the toxin produced by it, and discharges with cleanliness. Thereby achieving the process of cell detoxification.

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