Natural Organic Beetroot Powder

Natural Organic Beetroot Powder

1.Beetroot,formerly known as:beet.
2.The main ingredient of beetroot is sugar.Sugar is an indispensable nutrient and an important raw material for food,beverages and pharmaceuticals.
3.In addition to the production of sugar,sugar beets and their by-products have broad prospects for development and utilization.



Beetroot has anti-cancer effect,Which is mainly benefited from the special red pigment in beetroot.Which can effectively inhibit cancer cells.Produced to improve the body`s immunity,so beetroot can play an anti-cancer effect.

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Beetroot is rich in dietary fiber,Which can effectively prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the body,reduce blood cholesterol concentration,andplaya role in lipid-lowering and fat-reducing.Therefore,eating beets can effectively improve the body`s blood lipid level and protect blood vessels. 


Beetroot contains an organic nitrate that lowers blood pressure.This nitrate helps increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood,Which helps to relax smooth muscle,relax blood vessels,promote blood circulation,and is suitable for patients With hypertension.Can be used to reduce blood pressure.

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Sugar:Beetroot is mainly used to extract sugar.

Edible:beetroot is sweet,flat and cool;can be used for stomach 

and digestion,cough and phlegm,qi and diuretic,detoxification 

liver detoxification and other effects.


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