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Do you like hemp protein drink?
Oct 19, 2017

Hemp Protein


In addition to providing human essential fatty acids (EFAs) and having a fairly beneficial unsaturated versus saturated fat ratio, the fire-hemp seed is an easily digestible, gluten-free protein source that is excellent for dietary proteins. It's the same. 6 g/100 g total protein content and soy, rather than nuts, other seeds, cow milk, meat, fish or poultry protein content. Hemp Protein for human mention

A combination of 10 essential amino acids for a very balanced proportion. A prominent aspect of hemp protein is the high content of arginine (123mg/g protein) and histidine (/protein), both of which are important for the growth of childhood and the need for the synthesis of the necessary enzymes to contain the amino acid cystine (/protein). Hemp protein also contains a relatively high level of skeletal muscle metabolism is very important branched chain amino acids.