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flaxseed oil protein
Oct 10, 2017


       Flax seed oil hydrolysis of soybean protein products and market similar products and peas are no less than, can be well applied in cakes, bowel preparation, cold drinks, etc in the food industry. Experiments show that flaxseed protein foamability and foam stability of products similar to whole egg protein, not only can reduce the usage of egg pastry, at the same time increase the dough of water and emulsification and plasticity, extend the freshness of the food, and is rich in soluble fiber and lignans, because can be further processed into high-grade food additives. Because linen protein contains a certain amount of polysaccharide gum, can improve flax protein products in the application of viscosity, water-based and foamability, have more hydrophilic than soy protein. The combination of flaxseed protein water imbibition is strong, and water ratio is 1:6. Emulsification is good, the product free of unsaturated fatty acid has strong adsorption capacity; Application in meat food organization performance is good, can fully improve the product section, elastic; Flavoured and flaxseed delicate fragrance; Effectively prevent the return of raw starch, as a result of flaxseed protein have weak gelling property, can reduce fat loss in the process of cooking, to reduce the rigidity, reduce the loss of meat flavor. Flax protein is added in the ice cream products (0.5% - 1%), can improve the product viscosity, specific gravity, inflation rate, but reduce the melting time, flaxseed protein products in the food industry can be used as potential of emulsifier and stabilizer. At present, our company produces the flaxseed protein is mainly used in food industry.