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Introduction to Hemp seed
Dec 27, 2018

▸The functions of hemp seed

  1. Run dry laxative: used for elderly patients with constipation, often with Angelica, black sesame, inch cloud and other laxatives; if the intestines have real heat, can be used with rhubarb and phlegm.

  2. Replenishing benefits and labor: for patients with thirst and yin deficiency and intestinal dryness, and more with Yiqi Shengjin medicine, to nourish Yin and tonic and moisten.

  3. Hemp seeds have the effect of repairing the myocardium, repairing and health care for heart damage.

▸ nutritional value

Rich in carbohydrates, fat, providing dietary fiber, protein and other nutrients.

▸Can you eat?

Can eat

▸How do you eat?

Hemp seed cooking: Hemp seed and melon barley, Baiziren, Yu Liren with cooking, can treat intestinal dry constipation;

Hemp seed fried food: Hemp seed and mulberry white skin, soybean fried food, can treat athlete's foot, body edema;

Hemp seed and peach kernel can be used together to treat symptoms of menstruation.

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