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Is there a difference between matcha and green tea powder
Jun 27, 2017


What are the difference between matcha green tea powder and powder, tea powder and the difference between green tea powder is the raw material, craft, color, flavor, aroma, smooth, maccha higher requirements about the quality of the raw material, require the use of amino acid, protein and chlorophyll content of high tea, also asked that the caffeine content in the raw material is low.


The tea powder is required for the time of picking and leaf size of green tea. The tea powder is produced for about 50 days, and the quality fresh tea produced in 4 or 5 months is used as the raw material. The tree species used in the processing of matcha are also cultured, and the tea tree is cultivated with the breeding technology of clonal breeding, which guarantees the purity of the tea varieties. In the cultivation of tea tree, the tea tree is also needed to prevent sunstroke, the tea is known as the tea.

Matcha green tea powder and powder production process is different, tea production using the traditional grinding technology and modern superfine grinding technology, the whole process is always under the low temperature condition, can save the active ingredient in tea. Compared with matcha, the process of green tea powder is simple, and the green tea is crushed through the shredder, and the granules are much thicker than the matcha.

Matcha powder and green tea powder are different in color and taste. Matcha is covered with steamed green, dark green or dark green, green tea powder is green. Matcha is imported, so it is not astringent and bitter. Green tea powder is slightly bitter. In addition, the matcha powder is characterized by the tree species, cultivation and processing, so it has the aroma of seaweed, zongye and green tea powder.


Green tea powder and powder maccha biggest difference lies in the makings count, maccha fineness of more than 600 mesh (2 microns), besmear in hand back all can enter the pores, a not remnant, green tea powder around 100-300 mesh. Matcha powder is a solid drink with high price. The average price of matcha tea is about 2000 yuan per kilo, while the average price of green tea powder varies from tens to hundreds of yuan per kilogram.

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