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what is rice protein
Oct 16, 2017

Rice protein mainly consists of albumin, globulin, alcohol soluble protein and valley egg


White and other four kinds of protein composition, the main endosperm protein in rice residue consists of albumin (4%~9%), salt-soluble globulin (10%~11%), gliadin (3%) and alkali-soluble glutenin (66%~78%). The biological valence of rice protein in cereal protein (B. V) and protein price (P. V.) Are higher than other proteins. The amino acid composition of rice protein is reasonable and the amino acid content is high, which is incomparable with other plant proteins. Rice protein is recognized as a high-quality food protein, in line with WHO/FAO recommended ideal model. Rice protein's biological price is very high, its nutritive value is high, can compare with egg, milk, beef. In addition, Rice protein is a low resistance to the original protein, will not produce allergic reaction, for the production of baby food is very advantageous. Rice protein not only has unique nutrition function, but also has other health function. Recent research has shown that rice protein can reduce the level of serum cholesterol.

Rice, rice bad, rice bran and other raw materials can be used to prepare rice protein, around the development and use of rice protein, the researchers put forward a variety of different preparation methods, mainly: solvent extraction, enzymatic extraction, alkali extraction, acid extraction, physical extraction and composite extraction method.

To 2007, the domestic supply of pure rice protein is generally feed-grade (generally about 65% content and below), food grade (generally 80% content) and rice protein peptide (all soluble in water, $number peptide content, food grade).