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what is the nutritional Value of the rice protein ?
Oct 17, 2017

Nutritional Value of Rice Protein 


Rice protein quality is recognized as a leader in cereal protein, it contains rich essential amino acids, the first restrictive amino acid lysine content is higher than other

Cereal protein, and amino acid composition pattern and WTO/FAO recommendation mode are close, easy to be digested and absorbed by the body. Compared to other cereal proteins,

Rice protein Biological Price (BV) and protein utilization (per) higher, bio-price can be as high as 77, protein utilization rate of 1.36% ~ 2.56%, in

All kinds of food in the first place (4). Rice protein quality is better than wheat protein and corn protein, contains high quality lysine, and low allergic, make rice protein is very suitable for the development of infant food. The amino acid composition pattern of rice protein is better than casein and soy protein isolate, which can meet the demand of amino acid in $number children. In addition, rice protein can be processed into soy sauce, high-protein powder, protein beverage, peptone and protein foaming powder, if it is degraded into short peptides or amino acids, it can be made into nutritional value of very high amino acid nutrient solution for health drinks, condiments, food additives and other