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Can Caffeine Keep Weight ?
Jul 11, 2017

On June 27, Chinese researchers in the UK nature communications, said in a report published by mice found caffeine regulation mechanism of action of systemic energy metabolism and related regulation can make weight loss in mice, the results will help researchers to find new ways to prevent or treat obesity.

Caffeine is an important ingredient in coffee, tea and a variety of carbonated beverages. Caffeine is also used as a dietary supplement to control weight, but its mechanism has been unclear.

Zhang Guo tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology of China led by professor team found that nutritional obesity levels of adenosine in the cerebrospinal fluid of mice and the hypothalamus adenosine receptors A1R expression levels were significantly increased. The hypothalamus is the centre of the energy balance of the mammalian body regulating systemic structure, adenosine receptors in the hypothalamic neurons in mice after excessive A1R expression, a drop in excessive eating and glucose tolerance in mice and the phenomenon of excessive weight gain.

Researchers fed caffeine and caffeine injection two methods to study the mechanism of action of caffeine, found that two treatment can restrain the appetite of obese mice and increase energy consumption, reducing weight.

Further analysis showed that caffeine activates neurons in the hypothalamus and promotes the release of the neuropeptide. In addition to well-known reproductive physiology, oxytocin has also been found to play an important role in weight and appetite regulation in recent years.

Professor zhang said that the levels of oxytocin in obese people were significantly lower than those in normal weight, and the researchers also looked at how oxytocin activity affects the weight of obese mice. So the study suggests that caffeine is used to boost the release of oxytocin and reduce weight loss in obese mice.

Zhang Guo also said, however, this does not mean that people need to a lot of coffee and other caffeinated drinks every day to lose weight, mice in the experiments of caffeine intake dose equivalent to one drink a day 24 to 36 a cup of coffee intake of caffeine dose, far higher than generally considered safe dose, so it remains to be further research to find safe and effective new method for the prevention and treatment of obesity.