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Traditional Chinese Medicine Extract Special Inspection
Sep 29, 2017

      Chinese traditional medicine extract special inspection work plan according to the shaanxi province, the provincial food drug administration from September to October the organization carries out the entire province traditional Chinese medicine extract special inspection work. The combined with flight inspection, special inspection of traditional Chinese medicine extract production enterprise, Chinese traditional medicine production enterprises, the group Shared, non-legal-person extraction workshop of pharmaceutical production enterprises to carry out the inspection.

      The inspection focus on whether to purchase and use for production or without filing herbal extracts; Extracted by oneself, whether to purchase the raw material for supplier audit, outsourcing, whether to buy production enterprise quality assessment of traditional Chinese medicine extract and supplier audit; Purchase and use, production quantity and whether CaiWuZhang corresponding; Whether in strict accordance with the approved process and prescription; Whether the standards for quality control, production process is controlled; Whether can inspection in accordance with the statutory standards; Extraction ability whether to match the production variety, size, material balance in production process; Whether to purchase and use JiaLie extraction of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine yinpian, using illegal extract; If there is a Chinese traditional medicine extraction processing; To do not belong to the registration administration of traditional Chinese medicine extract, improve the quality management system and other links.

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