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Grape Seed Extract With Anthocyanin Composition Is Introduced
Jun 26, 2017




The flavonoids in anthocyanins are a kind of water-soluble pigment, which is widely 

found in plant petals, fruit tissue and stem and leaf surface cells and lower epidermis. 

Anthocyanins in recent years as a safe, non-toxic nutritional natural edible pigment,

 high-profile in health food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food additives, and other fields 

has a great application potential, and become an important part of the plant extracts 

the export of our country.


Grape seed extract is extracted from grape seeds of isolated from a kind of

 polyphenols, mainly composed of procyanidins, catechin and epicatechin, 

gallic acid, epicatechin gallic acid ester of polyphenols. And the antioxidant 

effect of grape seed extract, which protects structural tissue from free radical

 damage, can delay the effects of aging. The original anthocyanin OPC is a 

natural sunlight cover that blocks uv damage and can repair injured collagen 

and elastic fibers. Grape seed extract has convergence effect, tighten skin, 

prevent the early appearance of skin wrinkle, long-term use can make skin 

smooth, elastic, have the effect of beauty and beautification.