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How To Identify The Blueberry ?
Jul 03, 2017

Blueberry is reach in anthocyanidin. which has good function for eye healthy and anti-radiation.  but how to identify the blueberry ?


how to identy the good blueberry, the main characteristics are as follows:

1, Appearance.Blueberries with flowers opening at the top, such as mei like plum did not.

2, Color.Ripe blueberries are purple, purple or violet black.

3, The kernel.Main features of blueberry fruit is no nuclear, but very small small seeds.

4, Taste.The pure blueberry sour and sweet and tasty, has a unique fragrance.

The bluebery extract 25% anthocyanidin. is very hot in sugar,food addictive,healthy food.

GMP factory supply bulk of The bluebery extract 25% anthocyanidin