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Is Acai Berry Nutritional ?
Jul 17, 2017



    Acai berry powder (100 grams) extract by freeze-drying contains nutrients: 533.9 calories, 52.2 grams of carbohydrates, 8.1 grams of protein, 32.5 grams of total fat, carbohydrates 44.2 grams of dietary fiber, low blood sugar value (not sweet pulp). Minimal, vitamin C and vitamin A, 260 mg of calcium, 4.4 mg of iron, and aspartic acid, glutamic acid and amino acid content of 7.59 grams; fat content including oleic acid (56.2% of total fat), palmitic acid (24.1%) and linoleic acid (12.5%); beta sitosterol (total sterol 78-91%) and anthocyanidin oligomer and vanillic acid, syringic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, protocatechuic acid, ferulic acid. Acai berry powder preparation after freezing (100 grams), comprising a cyanine (3.19 mg / g), twelve flavonoids: including homoorientin, taxifolin, deoxyhexose, orientin, isoorientin, scoparin, and proanthocyanidins (12.89 mg / g), low levels of resveratrol (1.1 mg / g) proanthocyanadins, anthocyanins, and other polyphenolic compounds.