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Is Hemp Seed Protein Nutritional?
Jul 19, 2017

Hemp seed protein


In addition to offering humanity must fatty acids (EFAs) and has a fairly good ratio of unsaturated to saturated fat, cannabis is a kind of easy to digest, does not contain gluten good dietary sources of protein.Its 34.6 g / 100 g total protein content and soybean, and nuts than other seeds, milk products, the protein content of meat, fish or poultry.Cannabis protein for humans

For a very balanced ratio of 10 kinds of essential amino acids composition.Hemp seed protein is a prominent aspect of arginine (123 mg/g of protein) and histidine (27 mg/g of protein) of high content, both of which is very important for the growth of childhood, sulfur-containing amino acid and enzyme synthesis must need cystine (16 mg/g of protein).Hemp seed proteins also contain relatively high levels of branched chain amino acid is very important for metabolism of skeletal muscle.