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Natural Fruit Powder Instructions, Do You Eat Any Fruit Powder
May 19, 2017

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Natural fruit powder is a finished product that USES advanced spray drying techniques for fresh fruit.Natural fruit 

powderhave promote digest, prevention and treatment of diseases, increase immunity, anti-aging, such as health 

care and treatment effect, to retain the fruits of the active components of vitamins and nutrients, natural fruit powder

 to better promote the body's metabolism, reduce the role of cardiovascular disease, the fruit are widely applied to

 every field of food processing can be used to improve the product's nutrition, improve the color and flavor of product,

 improve the quality of the products, etc.


The fruit powder produced by our company is made of high quality fruit and is processed by the most advanced 

spray drying technology.The maximum retention of the powder itself is contained in a variety of vitamins, acids 

and nutrients.The products are powdery, liquid, tasty, easy todissolve and easy to preserve.Here's the company's 

existing fruit products:

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Peaches - the crown of fruits with iron

Apricots -- cough and bowel

Watermelons -- heat and heat relieve the heat and urine

Citrus -- citene has an anticancer effect

Papaya - treatment for protein digestion disorders

Pineapple -- breaks down protein and blood clots

Strawberries - reduce the sun's pain

Grape - antioxidant effect is good

Bananas -- anti-depressant sleep

Apple -- cholesterol-lowering cholesterol prevents gallstones

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