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The Authenticity Of Sichuan Bay
Oct 13, 2017

      Chuangbei mother is a famous Chinese medicinal material. It is used in the Ming dynasty "the southern yunnan bento", which is a good medicine for the treatment of external wind, cough, chronic cough, phlegm and dryness. Because of its remarkable curative effect, the demand for medicine is great, and some people fake it as sichuan bay.

      It is a perennial herb of liliaceae, with a variety of varieties, which can be divided into pine bay, green bay and furnace shell.

      Authentic fritillary bulb

      Pine shell: oval, uniform size and no more than cm in diameter. The top is slightly pointed and closed. Bottom flat, upright and stable. The outer two scales are large and large, and the small scales are wrapped in large, heart-shaped scales, leaving a crescent shape, commonly known as "cuddle moon". The exterior is pure white and shiny. The texture is hard and brittle.

     Green bay: flat globular, the outer two scales of similar size. At the top of the opening, there are small scales, the particles are crooked, and cannot stand upright. The exterior is pale yellow and white, and the texture is loose and loose.

     Scallop: the shape or conical shape is more, the granule is large, resembling horse tooth shape, so commonly known as "horse tooth mouth". It is brittle and powdery. These three kinds of the mother are both micro and bitter.

Falsify fritillary bulb

     Cigu: also known as the mother of tuber, the mother of the grass, the shape is similar to the female chuanbei, but the base is umbilical concave, the root has whiskers. The surface is yellow or yellowish brown. Smooth, non-flaps. It is hard and hard to fold, weak in gas and bitter in taste. This product contains colchicine, a poisonous herb, overdose can cause central nervous paralysis and death. Traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat carbuncle, scrofula and arthritis. It is different from the cough and sputum and heat dissipating of sichuan bei mother.

     Aunt guang: also known as guang gu, medicinal materials are conical. Apex acuminate, base rounded. Central concave, non-flaps, granule is slightly larger, the surface is yellow or light brown, smooth. One side has a longitudinal groove to the top. It's hard and crisp. Section white, powdery, with a conical heart. The air is small and the taste is weak.

     All in all, the fake sichuan bay is similar to the appearance of sichuan bay, but their medicinal properties are all in a lump, regardless of the petals. This is an important feature to recognize the authenticity of kawabao.