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The Effect Of Buckwheat
Oct 11, 2017

     Bitter buckwheat, buckwheat or scientific name Tartary buckwheat, Tartary, pronunciation dada, is a general designation) of the ancient Chinese northern minorities, alias seven leaves, wild orchid Qiao, ten thousand, bo's wheat, wheat, flower Qiao. Higher than sweet Qiao namely buckwheat nutritional value a lot. Especially the biological flavonoids content is 13.5 times of buckwheat. Buckwheat is medicine and food crop, according to \"compendium of materia medica\" records: buckwheat and bitter cold sex flat, can real intestines and stomach, good strength, the spirit, the eyes and ears, use five zang-organs smelting slag; In the traditional Chinese medicine dictionary and the related literature of buckwheat were recorded: can soothe, active blood, blood gas, wide heat swelling pain, dispelling wind volume hysteresis, clear bowel, runchang, aperient, cough, asthma, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, strong heart to weight loss, beauty, and so on.