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The Quality Of Pure Bee Pollen Was Used To Identify Small Common Sense
Jun 28, 2017


Pure bee pollen products are sold by the original bee pollen, which is filtered, mixed, dried and sterilized. 

The consumer can distinguish between color, aroma, taste, state, water and so on.

One see color: the product is clearly a single pollen, such as rape pollen, sunflower, sesame, is almost

 the same color, with the colour and lustre of inherent in this kind of pollen, such as rapeseed powder 

yellow, powder are golden sunflower, sesame pollen into coffee or white. If a bee flower is not a single

 pollen, but a mixed pollen, its color is variegated. Because pollen is different, its nutrition composition

 is different, so many foreign manufacturers, mix all kinds of pollen to mix up, make its nutrition balance, 

its product color is usually mixed color.


Tow See if there are worms, insects and mildew.

The third See The shape of the pollen grains should be flat.

The fourth Smell of the scent of pollen, should have no smell.

The fifth Taste, should taste sweet, have a bitter aftertaste, no smell.

The last use the thumb to squeeze, should not have moist feeling.