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What Is Cochineal ?
Jul 07, 2017

Cochineal from growth in different regions, different types of cactus on the cochineal extracted a kind of natural pigment, and extracted from the female cochineal bodies, tonal pink to purple.

In many countries (Europe, USA, Japan and China) allows for the use of food additives, and many food manufacturers and customers all think it is good quality of natural red pigment.

It is a natural pigment, anthraquinones, unlike other natural pigment, its physical and chemical properties are very stable, is seen as the safest natural pigments and used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile production, etc.

Cochineal is a kind of anthraquinone derivatives, appearance red diamond crystals or red brown powder.

The cochineal product that sells on the market there are some viscous liquid is dark red.A.png

Ingredients: main ingredients for carmine acid.

Properties and indicators: yellow in PH = 4.5; PH = 5.0 orange; PH = 5.5 red; PH 6.0 or higher is purple. Orange, red and purple pigment range has good light fastness, and PH value of 4.5 and 7.0 7.5 when poor light fastness. The thermal stability is good. Iron ions tonal lighter or colorless. Compound phosphate to protect color pigment.

Source: extracted from cochineal. Will cochineal dry mill, with 60-70 ℃ hot water immersion, did not stir, in a day or so most of the pigment can be extracted, then through the second extraction is almost extraction yield could reach 100%. Two filtrate merged, reduced pressure concentration, pigment.


USES: used for wine, fruit pulp, cold drinks, such as beverage, candy, pastry and stains such as meat, sausages, can also be used in cosmetics.

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