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What Is Function Of Triacontanol?
Sep 27, 2017


The purpose of triacontanol:

1. The product of rice, wheat, cotton, soybeans, corn, vegetables, flowers, fruit tree has a significant effect to increase production. Can increase the number of flowering, and improve the seed setting rate and fruit setting rate, reduce the fallen petal and empty grain, increase grain. Can be used to seed, seedling stage and flowering spray spray. But with a mixture of carbendazim. When using must have appropriate dosage.

2. Pollution-free plant growth regulator. Has many physiological functions: promote energy storage, improve cell permeability, adjust physiology function, increase the chlorophyll content, enhance the photosynthetic intensity, enhance the activity of the enzyme, promote mineral absorption, promote seed germination, root hair root, early maturity, increase the protein content and quality of dry matter. For rice, wheat and barley, cotton, soybean, maize, sorghum, tobacco, sugar beet, peanuts, vegetables, fruit trees, sugar cane, oil-bearing crops and so on all have obvious increase yield and improve quality.

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