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Why So Many People Like Chia Seed?
Jul 05, 2017


(1) combat diabetes

When they met chia Seed liquid expansion to gel state, slow digestion rate, prevent blood sugar too fast rise, may be helpful to patients with type 2 diabetes.

(2) more fiber

Two tablespoons, about 28 grams/an ounce of chia  Seed with 10 grams of dietary fiber, such as a third of the recommended adult daily intake.As long as join point, then make sure you get a good amount of fiber, which is very important for digestive health.

(3) the Omega 3

Two tablespoons, about 28 grams/an ounce of  chia  Seed nearly 5 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids, eight times more than salmon.The fat is very important to the brain and cardiovascular health.The researchers also found it than linseed flax seeds are more likely to be absorbed.

(4) of the teeth and bone health

A  chia Seed has 18% of recommended daily intake of calcium, maintain healthy bones, teeth, prevention of osteoporosis.

(5) Manganese Manganese

Manganese is not to raise a lot of people know, but it is very important for our health, it is bone and help the body use other nutritional essentials, such as biotin biotin and vitamin B1.A Mr. Seed can supply 28 grams of manganese, or 30% must be by the body.

(6) phosphorus

A  chia Seeds provide 27% phosphorus you needed a day.Phosphorus is important for cell and tissue growth and repair.

(7) protein

For especially vegetarian,  chia Seed are important sources of protein, and no cholesterol.A  chia  Seed has 4.4 grams of protein, is the daily required amount of nearly 10%.

(8) hit the belly fat

 chia Seed effect on the stability of the blood sugar can be aiming at the effects of insulin on abdominal fat at the same time.

(9) full abdomen feeling

 chia Seeds contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is eating Turkey special elements.Finish eating, seeds will not make you sleepy, and can help regulate appetite, improve sleep and mood.

(10) to improve heart health

Chia  Seeds contain 20% of Omega 3 s, and the seed oil contains 60% more.Studies show that the seed of Omega 3 fatty acids, are indispensable to the health of the heart.It can help lower cholesterol, while maintaining the normal function of the arteries.This two items in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease is quite important.Heart foundation, but also suggested the Omega 3 s 2 grams a day.